1.CELL GROUP MINISTRY : Fundamental unit for fellowship, growth, and ministry of Christians, growth

Family unit cell group gatherings and cell leaders are the most important leadership of MCI. Through house gatherings, QT and continuous daily worship, all members are called to lead lives for the Gospel. Also, cell gatherings become units for evangelism, units for special ministries like Truth School, Medical ministries etc.  


      2.MEDICAL MINISTRY : Holistic ministry targeting the local society of Cairo and Arab societies

  Medical ministries team a ministry team of MCI that targets the entire local society and serves not only domestically but also throughout the entire Middle East where the world’s greatest refugee population is concentrated. The Medical ministries team of MCI is composed of multiple nationalities who work not only as doctors, nurses, and physical therapists, but also as intercessors and evangelists. Together, we form a holistic ministry team that provides treatment, counseling, evangelism and power ministry, thereby opening the doors for continuous church planting. 


      3.TS (TRUTH SCHOOL) : Ministry that teaches the basics of the Gospel to unbelievers or new believers Truth School is a 6-week training program for unbelievers and new believers. Lectures concentrate on the most essential part of the Gospel, and through meetings such as Life Camp, we seek to raise up the Cross even more clearly.  Through this school, the entire church body focuses on the salvation of souls and affirms that the purpose of our being is to serve souls. This form of evangelism that the body does together happens gradually as a process, so naturally it is connected with cell group gatherings and is used as a channel to expand the church community continuously.


    4.ACF (ARAB CHRISTIAN YOUTH FELLOWSHIP) :Young generation overseas missions movement of interdenominational Arab Christians.  Since the beginning, we have been working to unite the Arab Church with the International Churches in order to accomplish the Great Commission. Although MCI oversaw this movement,

  it has become an interdenominational movement with large scale gathering. ACF is a church planting movement team that is composed of the Arab Young Generation from MCI. MCI is in charge of organizing and training ACF. It began with the intention to run mainly with Arabs, but various ethnicities started to join gradually and currently became an international young generation mission movement. ACF runs a 12-week, semiannual mission training program throughout many nations , and sends evangelism teams and young generation church planting team .


      5. MESI (MIEAST EVANGELICAL SEMINARY INTERNATIONAL) : Theological education to prepare church planters in the Middle East With more missionaries being commissioned, we felt the need to build

a theological school that is focused on church planting for our long-term missionaries, so we formed a committee to prepare this seminary in detail. There are other seminaries in the Arab world, but there is no seminary that focuses on evangelizing non-believers in the Middle East society and on training especially for church planting. Through this seminary we expect an acceleration in the Middle East church planting movement. This ministry is in its planning stage, and in the years to come, it will become a main ministry.