2011 August : Due to political turmoil, a team of interdenominational missionaries move from on an Arab country to the other

2011 October : 1st Missions training school opens with 6 groups for Arab Christian young adults

2012 February : 1st short term missions team mostly composed of Arabs commissioned

2012 March : Mission training expands to 8 schools in 2 cities

2012 July : 2nd Arab mission training team commissioned, Decision made to send at least 2 short term mission teams annually

2012 October : One missionary dies

2013 January : 3 families decide to establish an independent church

2013 April : 1st house church group of 8 people starts, first official church body

2013 September : 1st ACF staff training

2013 October : 1st house church group of 8 people starts, first official church body

2013 December : Interdenominational joint mission camp 

2014 January : 2nd, 3rd house church groups start

2014 February : Missions training school expands with many schools

2014 July : Expansion of Arab short term mission teams

2014 December : 1st Young Generation Student Church Planting Missions Team Commissioned

2014 December : Joint conference of pioneered house churches

2015 March : House churches join together and decide their name as MCI, Initial planning for Truth school begins

2015 May : Pursues international unity and decides to become an international church

2015 May : decides the first constitution of MCI

2015 August : Youth, Young Adult Joint International Mission Camp 

2016 June : Sudanese start to join

2017 July : Medical ministries team forms, Commissioned to Arab nations as short term medical missions team

2017 October : 1st Truth School opens

2018 February : Filipinos start to join

2018 April : 1st Church Planting short term missionaries commissioned

2019 December : National missions camp 

2019 December : 1st Family Church Planting Short term missions team commissioned

2020 January : Committee to establish MESI forms

2020 May : Commits to join IBC

27 Oct, 2020 : Accepted as a Full-Membership church of IBC(International Baptist Convention)

In 2011, we began an interdenominational movement to raise up the Arab young generation as ministers for the evangelization of the Middle East. The history above is a concise record of just the important hallmarks in our ministry. Each of the ministries have simultaneously expanded and currently 5 types of basic ministries are continuing on. In 2013, we decided to convene as an independent house church and many house churches began to be pioneered. The house churches began to unite and declared to be one church, MCI. When Truth School opened and we began to invite non-believers to teach them the Gospel systemically, church members and ministers began to be trained, and through the repetition of Truth School, cell churches began to grow in number The members and leaders are not only from the local Arab young generation, but also from various races, ethnicities and nationalities, from international students to refugees. We have become international church composed of at least 13 nationalities from the US, Canada, Korea, Egypt, Jordan, Algeria, Yemen, Sudan, Uganda, Philippines, China, Australia, Japan etc., and the variety of nationalities, races and ethnicities is increasing. 

On the other hand, the interdenominational mission movement that MCI started, ACF, has been growing steadily, gradually being raised as church planting candidates. MCI is continuing its training to equip and commission church planters. Through regular medical ministries domestically and overseas, efforts to target local societies at large are continuing, and through Truth School that has been ongoing for many years, non-believers have been continuously joining cell groups. Also, in order to constantly train missionary candidates for this mission movement and discipleship, we are planning to establish a theological school that will prepare church planters.      

In order to commission church planters continuously to the whole Arab World, we decided to register with International Baptist Convention. Through this, we expect the church planting movement to expand even more, all throughout the Middle East.